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It all started in the summer of 2022 when my brother was looking for a birthday gift for my daughter Taylor. Initially he had suggested a cake making class for her love of baking, however I decided we should turn it up a notch and take a macaron baking class as a challenge. From what started as a shared experience, a passion for baking with my daughter and a love of all desserts, TaylorBelle Macarons was created. 

It took me several months of failed attempts and discard batches, but I was persistent in making the perfect macaron. By the time I was able to get about 70% of a "perfect" macaron, the holidays had rolled around. I had a few flavors I was confident to make for family, friends and neighbors. After several taste tests, they had pre ordered gift boxes, and encouraged me to participate in several informal pop-up markets in the neighborhood. After receiving positive feedback and seeing the look on their faces after the first bite, I've decided to pursue this hobby. 


TaylorBelle Macarons LLC was started in March 2023 and is a home-based business which we make macarons and sell to the public mostly participating in weekend markets in NYC/ Long Island. After taking classes in 2022 and several months of practice trying to perfect the macarons, we are confident that these macarons will delight your taste buds. Our macarons are made with gluten free almond flour, sugar and egg whites and are filled with an assortment of flavors. 

​The macarons come individually wrapped or by an assortment of box sizes and we also take custom orders for gifts, party favors and events. Our mission is to provide a quality and tasty macaron for customers to enjoy in every bite. We are always seeking to improve and expand based on customer feedback. We are constantly working on new flavors and designs and are excited to introduce them to the public. 


Our macarons comes in a range of sizes to fit your needs. Whether it's for an event, a gift or for your own indulgence we have the perfect option.

Single Macarons.jpg


Single macarons are individually wrapped and sold separately. Mix and match your favorite colors and flavors.

Party Favors.JPG


Best for birthdays and event party favors. Choose up to two colors and  two flavors.



Need a gift? These box sets come in boxes of 4, 6 or 12. Choose 2-3 colors and flavors. Perfect for any type of occasion. 

Tower 6.jpg


Bring this tower to your next party for the ultimate dessert treat. Choose either a 4 or 6 tier tower. Choose 3-4 colors and flavors. 

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